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For those who the use of the water constitutes a preoccupation and therefore it requires a permanent update to him, the existence of a denominated technology of REVERSE OSMOSIS treatment is well-known.

 Technical Catalogue

When the water available has excess in salinity (including water purification of sea), since it eliminates more of 96% of dissolved salts, to smaller cost and more simplicity than an equipment of desmineralización by resins.
When they exceed the limits potabilidad of some components that usually are in high levels in many underground waters of the country.

Membrane TFC
Entrance Pressure 40-125 psi
Entrance Temperature 40-85°F
Entrance PH 3.0-11.0
Entrance Max. TDS Until 2000ppm¹
% de ricochet Until 98%²

¹ the production depends on the type of membrane, temperature of the water, pressure and quality of the water.
the percentage by ricochet depend on the pressure of entrance water, quality of the water and type of membrane.

Rejections: Sulphates (98%), Arsenico (99%), Floruros (97%), Nitrates (more than 90%). Simultaneously the biological polluting agents (bacteria, virus, etc.) they do not cross membranes, obtaining water of high chemical and bacteriological purity.

Our company makes equipment of Reverse Osmosis under the technical manual of the American company leader in the world-wide market, in addition it directly concerns of the USA the equipment of greater spread, always counting on the technical advising and the guarantee of the first house.
 Technical Specifications

PWPRO Comercial Series
150 to 800 GPD
1.500 to 6.000 GPD
10.000 to 21.500 GPD
Equipment with Wall Assembly for 150 to 6.000 GPD
Serie RIXP
ABrackish water of 150 To 10,000 GPD Systems of Reverse Osmosis

PWPRO Industrial Series
20 A 60 LPM
28 A 1.000 LPM
Equipment Series SERVIRO DP of Double Passed of 8 To 400 LPM
Equipment Series SERVIRO SW for Water of Sea of 20 To 400 LPM

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