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Summarized Foundations of the Method of Microbiologic Purification
The purification of liquids by ultraviolet method, offers the great advantage of being very fast, it does not need to incorporate strange matter and it completely eliminates the present microorganisms.
A lamp that produces ultraviolet radiation providing a lethal dose for the bacteria, fungi, virus and other common microorganisms of hydric origin is used for this purpose.
These lamps are used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical and nutritional processes, etc. and it is exactly prescribed to prevent infections and contaminations.

Principle of the operation:

  • The water enters the purifier and flows through the annular space between the quartz tube that contains the lamp and the inner wall of the camera.
  • The deflector segments induce to the turbulence in the flow of the liquid, consequently resulting in a safer process and exposure of the microorganisms to the lethal dose of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Opening that allows to watch the lamp in operation
  • Screw lid readily available to withdraw the quartz crystal tube for its cleaning.
  • Outflow of the purified water ready to be consumed

 Advantages of the Ultraviolet Method

Toxicity: Completely null, chlorine is not added to the water either, therefore it does not have corrosion disadvantages.
Effectiveness: 100% of the microorganisms are destroyed.
Rapidity: It is given by the speed of water passage.
Security: No chemical agents are added.
Economy: The consumption of electrical energy is under that of a simple family lamp.
Automaticity: The unit operates in totally automatic form, either continuous or intermittent.
Maintenance: Simple installation, periodic manual cleaning, compact unit do not require much space.

Detail of Purifiers Construction:

Construction: The camera and the accessories are constructed in 304 stainless steel quality, which assures existence corrosion.
Maintenance: the operating expenses are low since there are not movable parts, the quartz tube is only due to be cleaned periodically and the lamp has to be replaced only when it is worn out. Its change takes only minutes since it is very simple. The unit can be completely disassembled with no need of special tools.

Optionals are:
1) Ultraviolet radiation monitor: It is electronic and is used to visualize the level of ultraviolet radiation and its penetrability power in liquid. This device makes the solenoid valve and the sound alarm operate. This monitor can be placed at distance and can be operated by remote control.
2) Solenoid valve: it works automatically and it is ordered by the monitor to immediately stop the water flow if the ultraviolet radiation diminishes.
3) Sound alarm: this accessory alerts when the purifier is not working well. Its answer can be heard and can also be transmitted remotely and installed like as repeater.
4) Valve of flow control: it is automatic and its function is to prevent an excess of water flow that could change the time of stay of liquid in the system thus resulting in a not efficient irradiation.
The necessary dosage to inactivate microorganisms is the result of the product of time and intensity for surface unit In such cases it is expressed like micro watts per second for each square centimeter p W * seg/cm2. Next we offer a table of lethal minimum exposure. In the destruction of the microorganism a wavelength of 253, 7 nm is required. The suggested ultraviolet lamps for these equipment operate with an energy of 30,000 p W * seg/cm2. They easily exceed the demanded minimums to destroy microorganisms. This oversized energy grants a wide margin of security.

Quality guarantee:
The ultraviolet water sterilizers incorporate the energy of natural ultraviolet light to eradicate the microbiological contamination. Normally this method is used in:
- water wells or cisterns
- home
- laboratories
- hospitals
- juice and soda factories
- bottling plants

Water enters through the lower opening of the ultraviolet reactor compartment and flows around a low pressure and high performance mercury steam lamp that is thermally protected by a quartz tube.
Lamp UV emits a powerful energy of ultraviolet light in a wavelength 253,7 nm. The vital genetic components content in the microorganisms absorb the energy of light. This process disturbs the DNA and prevents reproduction. Then, the treated water flows out through the upper opening of the generator cell and then it is ready to be consumed.

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