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The quality of water at world-wide level is being modified. The water we drink, prepare food with or use for hygienic purposes has become saturated of natural or artificial pollution agents produced by human activities. It is normal to find in the analysis of a water of any city, remainders of plaguicides, detergents, acids, alkalis, or salts, substances that with daily ingestion area able to generate from gastrointestinal ailment to chronic poisoning. Less important are the finding of microorganisms: bacteria, virus, fungi, etc, responsible for numberless diseases. Including chlorine, agent disinfectant of daily use for the treatment of water in communitarian services has the capacity to generate together with the organic matter present in water, compounds known as trihalometanos (THMS) of really alarming effects, because some are defined or suspicious generators of cancer. The list of toxic-infections: hepatitis, cholera, heart disease, renal or liver disorders, can be endless.


On what principles the treatment that our equipment provide is based?
Our system acts fundamentally in dual form on the water coming from origin source, that is to say:

  • Physical action: responsibility that falls on the activated micro granular carbon (CMA).
  • Chemical action: in charge of the silver metal and its components: colloidal oxide, chloride and salts, that in bath form cover the surface of the CMA. The set is form by a base conformed by polyiodine ream.

The range of application of our products includes from the minimum individual home consume to that of communal houses, offices, industries or institutions like health centers and schools, where it is required to have available water sources free from pollution substances, pathologic microorganisms or unpleasant odors or flavors.

 Physical properties

In the filters we are offering the dual action is completed in the micro granulate activated carbon cartridges saturated with silver salts. The above mentioned physical action is guaranteed by three basic properties of the activated carbon, that are:

a) Adsorption and Absorption: The presence of the CMA allows the removal of unpleasant odors and flavors. In the presence of water treated with chlorine or its producer - hipoclorito- as it is usual in our country, the passage through the filter removes all vestige of this disinfectant odor or flavor. The processes of adsorption (phenomenon on surface) and absorption (phenomenon in depth are developed due to the great surface of interchange obtained by the activation of the carbon with steam overwarmed up to temperatures of 8200 C. This increases the number of intra granular spaces, pores and cracks. The organic substances present in water are generally hydrophobic: the opposed polarity of carbon walls attracts them and fixes them in 99 % of the cases.

b) Catalysis: We have the examples of chlorine that transported in water in its molecular form (C12) is turned in its ionic form (CL -), just like hydrogen sulfide (SH2), characterized by its disagreeable smell of putrefied egg, is oxidized to sulfate (504). In both of the mentioned cases, water loses the unpleasant smell and flavor that such substances give it.

c) Filtration: The space inter granule is minimum, obtaining this way "sieve" effect on retaining most of the impurities. So that the filter does not see diminished its effective life, it has been equipped with a prefilter mesh that is put in front to the layer of CMA. Nevertheless it periodically requires a wash with filtered water and in crosscurrent. This simple procedure liberates the particles retained in the CMA, as well as in the prefilter.

Chemical and Microbiological Properties

With regard to its chemical action, it is possible to make it clear to all that it is exerted by the presence of compound silver. The action of compounds of this metal has been known for a long time.
In great number of countries optic topical medication with a solution of silver nitrate, is prophilactically applied to new borns. This prevents probable infections the child may have after birth. According to a publication of the Department of Environmental Health of the University of Cincinnati, the mechanism of action of silver metal and its salts finds its explanation in its great toxicity when acting as enzymatic and metabolic inhibitor or small forms of life. Our system of dual filtration (activated carbon - silver salts supported (15) polyioide resin) prevents materials retained by filtration from being appropriate culture for the reproduction of the existing microorganisms from being in the treated water. Our experience demonstrates that the filters guarantee real bacteriostatic effect, assuring the user the necessary protection against the risks of consuming water biologically contaminated. Our filters are able to offer good flavored, microbiologically pure and crystalline water, the water that You, surely, could provide to your dear ones.

 Am-200 Model

Re. 35900-14-39861 and EPA Est are registered by Inc. Ametek in the Agency of the United States of America for environmental protection. It is homologated and protocol zed in Argentina by the National Medicine Institute (I.N.A.M.E) depending from the Ministry of Public Health and Social Action of the Nation (at the moment ANMAT)

Construction Material
Framework: Acrilo Nitrilo and reinforced Polipropileno.
Covers: molded in ABS reinforced with fiber glass.
Approval: FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Apt for human use.
Volume: a maximum flow of passage of 40 liters per minute is recommended. These filters (model 202) include a inter constructed and integrated out off valve, being able to close the flow smoothly.
Replacement: the cartridges are replaced easily since when closing the valve, it completely depressurizes and the passage of water is closed to enable the interchange.
Sealed: the cartridges have self cleaning dynamic seal that avoids flights and obstacles, providing water without particles in suspension.
Life utility: the cartridges have top filtration capacity that oscillates between the 40,000 and 200,000 liters of water, depending on the model, the micronage and the dimension.

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