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Floating Lateral systems
Fine bubble diffusers
Disks diffusers
Tubular diffusers
Coarse bubble diffusers
Mechanical Aerators
Trickling filtres

 Floating Lateral systems

Aeration system designed for low organic load process like extended aeration activated sludge, complete mixed lagoons and partial mixed lagoons. Deliver a high level of oxygen transfer and mixing capacity with the subsequent energy savings and specially used in upgrade existing systems.

  • Install without dewatering existing basins and without taking system out of service.
  • Proven long term operation with minimum maintenance. No moving parts in the aeration basin.
  • Aeration-mixing energy distributed across the aeration basin. Full depth diffusion for full basin utilization. Maximum treatment efficiency.
  • High degree of factory assembly for rapid field installation.
  • Rugged heavy duty construction for the toughest industrial or municipal applications.
  • All systems fully retrievable without process interruption.
  • The diffusers may rest on the floor or being suspended from the floating laterals (specially designed for unleveled floor).

 Bubble diffusers
Fine bubble diffusers
High oxygen transfer rate
Reliable intermittent aeration applications
Non-clogging and self cleaning
Buoyancy forced minimized
Long life expectancy
Simple installation procedures

Disks diffusers
Physical characteristics:
758 mm perimeter (241 mm OD)
25 mm non-perforated zone in center
Total Perforated Surface Area = 59 in2
Air Flow Range: 0 - 4 scfm normal,
8 scfm max,
1 - 3 scfm average
High grade EPDM membrane
High impact polypropylene frame
¾"NPT connection
Other connections available.

Tubular diffusers

1/2 meter length:
295 mm perimeter (94 mm OD)
462 mm perforated length (500 mm overall)
15 mm non-perforated zone on top
25 mm non-perforated zone on bottom
Total Perforated Surface Area = 183 in2
Air Flow Range: 0 - 10 scfm normal,
17 scfm max,
3.5 - 7 scfm average
1 meter length:
295 mm perimeter (94 mm OD)
924 mm perforated length (1000 mm overall)
15 mm non-perforated zone on top
25 mm non-perforated zone on bottom
Total Perforated Surface Area = 366 in2
Air Flow Range: 0 - 20 scfm normal,
34 scfm max,
7 - 14 scfm average

 Coarse bubble diffusers

 Mechanical Aerators

The purification of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage is normally carried out by the biological aerobic activated sludge process. In aerobic processes the pollutants in the wastewater is removed by the living microorganisms. In order to accomplish this efficiently, the aeration equipment must not only be capable of transferring oxygen from atmosphere to the wastewater, but also maintain sufficient uniform mixing of the micro-organisms with the oxygenated wastewater. Therefore, the aeration device is the most important part of an activated sludge process. They are also specially designed for low depth lagoons.

Our mechanical aerator series include:

  • Aspirating aerators (see picture)
  • High-speed mechanical aerators.
  • Low speed mechanical aerators.

 Trickling filtres

Plastic fill media for waste treatment High efficiences, provided by its "cross-flow" configuration, with effective surfaces between 90 and 400 m2/m3.
It offers so many advantages for waste water treatment processes, such as high rate/low rate BOD removal, nitrification, anaerobic removal of substances, denitrification, anaerobic descomposition, etc.


Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs) are biological fixed film reactors, combining the advantages of activated sludge systems and of trickling filters. They are consisting of circular disks mounted on a horizontal, rotating shaft.
By its rotation the disk package is exposed alternately to the waste water and the atmospheric air. The fixed film of micro-organisms, which is performing the biological treatment by decomposing soluble and suspended organic material, is attached to the surface of these disks.
This biomass is growing naturally by itself and doesn't have to be injected by the user.
Between the disks turbulence is created and thus prevents clogging, sedimentation and short-cut streams in the basins.
Excess biomass is removed from the disk surface by shearing forces created by the rotation mechanism. Therefore the Rotating Immersion Disks represent a self-cleaning system.
Besides, the aerobe treatment ensures odor-free operation and most reliable treatment performances

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