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In Wastewater Treatment Plants, the preliminary mechanical treatment is an essential stage for a good performance.
Disturbing coarse material has to be removed in order to protect the subsequent steps against damage/pollution or to relieve them. Dependent on the bar spacing, the floating settling and suspended material shall be completely removed, discharged and thrown into a container. The hygienic conditions, operation safety and the fact that there are nearly any maintenance works are factors becoming more and more important.
For municipal WWTP an additional screenings washing is recommendable as regards the denitrification, in order to lead the soluble organics again to biological treatment.
Our products are for a great variety of applications such as:


Coarse rakes
Rotary Screens
Step Screens
Grit treatment
Primary clarifier scrapers
Dissolved Air Flotation Plants


 Coarse Rakes

Bar Screens are commonly used for removing large debris, such as wood, plastic, rags, etc., in wastewater and potable water treatment plants, sewers, stormwater and riverwater The purpose of bar screens is the protection of pumps, and preventing obstructions of other down stream processes.
Our branch of products include different types of coarse rakes such as:
Cable operated bar rack
Inclined rack, front clean.
Inclined rotary rake.
Wedge wire rotary rake.
Climbing rake.


Rotary Screens
The rotary screens are used to remove not only large debris but also fine screenings that exists in water or wastewater streams.
The separation degree is from 0.5 mm. to 6 mm. bar spacing and are installed in the channel in front of the treatment plant.
There are a wide variety of models which we could meet the most difficult requirements.

Step Screens
The success and broad acceptance of the step screen system is due to its function, the easy-to-understand operation method, the simple cleaning method without any aids (self-cleaning effect according to the counter current principle), easy servicing, its ability to handle very large screenings volumes and its operating reliability.
They are specially design for very deep channel installation and for high flow requirements.

For more information on Rotary or Step Screens, please fill the following form:

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Type of water or wastewater:
Existing or new installation?:
Design flow:
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Separation degree required:
Channel geometry (if existing):
Channel depth.
Space limitations:
Solids dewatering degree:
Is solids washing required:
Solids, discharge height:

If possible, please attached a drawing or sketch of your installation.

 Grit Treatment

Grit and sand equipment are used to separate on the gravity principle , particles carried by solid-liquid mixtures in waste water treatment plants industrial and municipal. The sedimentable debris precipitate gradually and settle in the trough from where they are propelled by means of a screw conveyor.
This equipment may include: grit separation, grit classification and grit washing.

 Primary clarifier scrapers

The solids-water-mix coming passing through the previous rakes or screening equipment is used to feed the preliminary treatment tank where coarse sludge and mineral solids from the sludge-water-mix are separated by the separation process. Through this pre-separation the structures that follow in the treatment process are protected from strong mechanical stresses. There is also an important reduction in the BOD demand.
The scraper has to function as an enforced scraper and must also withstand greater mechanical stress, e.g. due to fine sands.

For quotation, please fill the following form:

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Previous treatment:

 Flotation Plants

Specially design for the removal of fine suspended solids, oil and grease. Several applications in the following industries: food, petrochemical, slaughterhouse and also as a thickener process. The equipment may include previous chemical step for enhanced operation. Depending on the application, we supply different types of flotation plants such as:
Dissolved Air Flotation Plants
Induced Air Flotation Plants
Cavitation Flotation Plants.


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