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This process has the advantage of retaining beneficial mineral salts in the water, experiencing little rejection. They are cleaned by recirculation in inverse direction. They work with pressures lower than those they operate in inverse osmosis. They improve the natural taste of water since they only remove impurities and keep water filtered within the standards of microbiological purification. For example, a membrane of extreme filtration in a battery of filters of 20 and 5 micron cartridges can be used at the outlet.
The extreme filtration cartridge is simply a fiber mallet hydrophilously bound to capillary membrane filters. These filtering capillaries have a very porous asymmetric structure in which the feeding water follows the way of great pores outside the wall whereas small pores are within the internal wall. This Ster-O-Tap system patented as a low pressure membrane has a membrane technology unique in its type for its high averages of flow with minimum operative pressure and a rigid control on the measurement of pores which makes it very effective for microbiological control.

 Ultrafiltration as an alternative

There is an option for use with respect to the equipment of inverse osmosis where the advantage of the system is that in which the chemical properties of mater do not change as the minerals maintains all their properties, a smaller amount of water is consumed since there is not practically rejections, they are of low pressure and all the microbiological pollution agents are removed.
In the laboratory equipment or for domestic use it has a timer, a three way valve with sterile water, countercurrent, washing and rinsing once a day. The system can take a sediment cartridge, another one of activated carbon and from these water flows to the ultrafiltration (0,02 micron) Step-O-Tap membrane to remove virus and bacterial.
The proposed system provides a constant flow of 1.8 litre/minute, it can be stored in a tank and delivered from there through a faucet.

There are other models such as:
Dual System: which combines Step-O-Tap membrane with activated carbon and allows a 5.7 flow of lt/mm.
Micro 10: is a cartridge of microfiltration to be used in conventional system post treatment. It is 10´ and provides a 22,5 lt/min constant flow.

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